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Pan Asian Cuisine

14 Buenos Ayres, Margate CT9 5AE

Tel: 01843 295 912

Sunday & Monday

Tuesday - Saturday
10.00 - 15.00 (last orders 14.30 last order)
17.00 - 22.00 (last orders 21.30)

"To all our customers new and old, BYO alcohol has now ceased"
We are now fully licensed with a very popular range of Beers, Wines and Spirits.
Many thanks for your understanding and continuing support for our great Asian Cuisine


1) Moo Yang £4.95
(marinated pork skewers with Thai classic tamarind sauce)
2) Satay £4.95
(marinated chicken skewers with coconut cream curry served with peanut sauce)
3) Salmon Thai Fish Cake £5.50
(Pan's mother served with sweet chilli, cucumber dressing and salad)
4) Home Made Vegetable Spring Roll £4.25
(vegetable, mushroom, glass noodle with sweet plum sauce)
5) Kanom Jeeb £4.75
(Thai-style steamed pork suimai with sweet & sour soya reduction)
6) Chilli Calamari £4.75
(A Thai twist on the calamari fritter tossed with sea salt chilli and garlic crumble)
7) Goong Grob £5.20
(deep fry crispy prawns served with sweet chilli)


8) Tom Yum Gung £5.50
(spicy prawn and mushroom soup with fresh herbs)
9) Tom Yum Gai £4.50
(spicy chicken and mushroom soup with fresh herbs)
10) Tom Kha Gai £4.50
(A mild and silky coconut soup with fresh herbs and tamarind juice)


11) Laab Gai £5.20
(A classic north-eastern salad of minced chicken tossed in a tangy spicy dressing finish with Smokey brown rice and fresh herbs)
12) Yum woon Sen £5.20
(spicy glass noodle salad served with sweet & sour dressing)


13) Kow Pad £8.50
(Thai favourite fried rice with the choice of chicken, beef or pork, egg, spring onion and tomato)
14) Sen Chan Pad Thai £8.50
(rice noodle stir-fried with spring onion, bean sprout, tofu, crushed roasted peanut)
15) Kow Soi Chiang Mai £8.50
(Chiang Mai style noodles, yellow curry sauce with chicken and egg noodles, topped with pickle cabbage, lime, coriander and shallot)
16) Pad See lew Gai £8.50
(wok tossed rice noodles with chicken, egg and broccoli glazed with dark soy sauce)
17) Pad Kee Mao Gai £8.50
(rice noodles and chicken tossed with fresh basil, red chilli and garlic, one for the chilli lover)


18) Pad Gaprao £8.50
(A stir fry of garlic, chilli, basil with a choice of chicken, beef or pork)
19) Pad Katiem Beef £8.50
(stir fried beef with garlic, pepper and chef's special sauce, topped with garlic crumble and coriander)
20) Chilli Cashew Nut Chicken £8.50
(the ultimate stir fry option, chicken tossed with cashew nut onion and roasted chilli)
21) Duck Tamarind £11.70
(stir fry crispy duck with tomato, pineapple, onion, pepper and tossed with tamarind sauce)
22) Sweet and Sour Stir Fry £8.50
(chicken, beef or pork stir fry with mixed vegetable and homemade sweet and sour sauce)
23) Lime Sea Bass £11.70
(herb poached sea bass with herbs, in a tangy lime & chilli sauce, a light, fresh flavour option)
24) Chilli Glazed Sea Bass £11.70
(crispy battered sea bass fillet drizzled with sweet & sour chilli sauce, accompanied with a fresh salad)
25) Beef Oyster Sauce £8.50
(stir fry beef with onion, mushroom, broccoli, spring onion in oyster sauce)


26) Jungle Curry £8.50
(a traditional Thai hot and spicy curry  with fresh Thai herbs and vegetable) - without coconut milk
27) Thai Green Curry £8.50
(light and vigorous green curry, which owes its enticing colour to a blend of fresh green chilli & fresh basil)
28) Thai Red curry £8.50
(traditional red curry with homemade curry paste and coconut milk finish with Thai basil)
29) Massaman Beef Curry £8.50
(special tender beef slow cooked in massaman curry sauce with potato onion and roasted peanut)
30) Panang Curry £8.50
(a house favourite creamy red chilli panang sauce)
31) Yellow Curry £8.50
(Chiang Mai style curry with onion & ginger)


32) Aromatic Jasmine Rice £1.95
33) Sticky Rice £2.95
34) Coconut Rice £2.95
35) Thai Egg Fried Rice £2.95
36) Rice Noodle £1.95 37) Egg Noodle £2.95
38) Stir Fried Vegetable £2.50
39) Bowl of Thai Prawn Crackers £1.95

Please note all rice is pre-soaked and washed before cooking to aid the removal of possible Arsenic content.


All Hot Tea £1.50
Tea Pot £1.70
Hot Coffee £1.70
Cappuccino £2.00
Latte £2.00
Espresso £1.50
Americano £1.70
Mocha £2.00
Hot Chocolate £2.00


Coke £1.50
Diet Coke £1.50
Lemonade/7 up/Sprite £1.50
Bottle Water £1.70
Juice (Orange, Mango, Tropical) £1.70
All cans £1.50

Any of the dishes with a meat content can be substituted with any replacement or combination of the following:-  
Chicken, Beef ,Pork or Tofu at the same price.

**Duck and King Prawn are an extra £1.80.**
About Pan Asian Cuisine: Jakraphan (Phan) started as an apprentice chef at 19 and worked his way through cooking at luxury Hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand before arriving in the UK (2003) where he was quickly engaged by Restaurant chains through the south of England.

Phan then started a Sushi Bar in Banbury and impressed some customers so much that they asked him to supply the catering for Jaguar, Landrover and the Porsche Extreme Driving experience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Phan eventually moved to the Margate area where he worked in other Thai Restaurants. Phan has now fulfilled his dream of owning his own Thai and Asian Cuisine Restaurant.
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